D. Raj Kumar Joshi MA, B.Ed, MBA

Teach my son what he will have to learn that all men are not just & true,

Teach him that for every scoundrel, there is a hero,

Teach him that a Dollar earned is far better than five found, Teach him for every selfish politician, there in a dedicated leader, Teach him for every enemy, there is a friend, Teach him to sell his Brawn and brain to the highest bidders, but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul.

Dear parents with this we understand what and how our children have to learn the lesson of life.

On behalf of the Respected Director, Staff and the students, I, D. Raj kumar Joshi, A diligent, forward thinking specialist and Trained post graduate in English Literature with over 25 + years of experience in the Convent & Corporate Educational Institutions in India and Overseas blended with Quality Teaching and Administrative Exposure enabled with technology for a global edge. A proven professional Management in Operations, Administration, Having expertise in Core domains in Academic and Admin operations.

In this age of Information & Technology super highway and Globalization where India is emerging and exploring the global market in the fields of education, Technology, Software Management and Banking. Birla Open Minds International School, Warangal. under the aegis of Birla Edutech Pvt Ltd, has set a hall mark in the educational sphere which is on a mission with a vision to transform all types of students irrespective of intelligence and receptivity as Leaders, Bureaucrats, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and many more.

It’s my privilege to be associated with Birla Open Minds International School, Warangal. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich tradition and values of education! As an educational leader with my academic team would carry forward the legacy of success established by BOMIS.

At BOMIS, it is all about fostering and nurturing children with gentle care, the most important asset of this country i.e., ‘ The human capital’ looking at the changing trends in education and life style of people and marked its note to teach life skills to students catering to IQ & EQ levels in making a balanced personality.

The emergence and spread of covid 19 pandemic and its post implications have left lot of apprehensions in all of us to the core. we all the humans had a great and tough lessons of optimum resources management available to sustain and fight back the epidemic. At this juncture, I express my deepest condolences and gratitude at the unprecedented loss of human life across all the countries of the world to grieve upon and especially when we lost our dear and loved ones. In this regard I profusely thank all the research scholars, scientists of R & D, the Global fraternity of medical science and technology, front line warriors, Leaders of Nations, Bureaucrats, Administrators for their outstanding contributions at their respective capacities in bringing out vaccines and boosters to combat this virus and drastically reducing the mortality rate.

At Bomis, wgl, the covid pandemic and the lockdown had not impacted our Teaching and Learning Process as we have shift over to smart hybrid and flipped teaching and learning system.

As the countries of the world had been impacted the Global market in the economy the educations system in India too had been collapsed and paralyzed therefore, we had to quick fix the emerging concerns. The digital platform of Bomis Warangal had full filled the dearth and catered to all the requirement of teachers and students in teaching- learning process.

In this journey of 4 years of academic excellence and in the saga of nurturing talents of young minds and fostering excellence. it is inevitable for me to mention our Chairman and Managing Director, Ln. N Venkateshwara Rao, his expert advice highly solicited in the academic & administrative spheres. It gives me an immense pleasure in proclaiming that Bomis impart all in our students ethical and aesthetic values to create sense of appreciation towards other cultures by leaving no stone unturned. Our system of pedagogue with Holistic approach has enabled our students with a perpetual academic excellence and brilliance in different magnitudes in the last 3 years. To place the figures on records.


1 I 85.43% 100 %
2 II 90.54% 99.67%
3 III 92.62% 99.82%
4 IV 90.68% 99.57%
5 V 65. 28 % 85.93 %
6 VI 72.14 % 88.97 %
7 VII 61.43 % 79.21 %
8 VIII 81. 37 % 93 %
9 IX - 92.81 %

Today to this legacy this organization besides creating an overwhelming records in academic excellence and to cater to the needs of ocean of parents views and students appreciations, let me place on records the School has made remarkable achievement in the National and International competitions and in Olympiads secured in the year 2021- 22. Noticeable among them are International General Knowledge Olympiad where in 6 students got selected at Zonal and School level ranks. Namely 1. 2.

Awards & Achievements

I. International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGK)

  • Ayaansh Gupta – Grade 2 – Got 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Lohith – Garde 3 – Got 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Vignesh Chandra – Grade 4 – Got 72nd Rank at the Zonal Level & 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Hooriyah – Grade 5 – Got 417thRank at the Zonal Level & 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Srihith – Grade 7 –Got 120th Rank at the Zonal Level & 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Nimira – Grade 8 – Got 250that the Zonal Rank & 1st Rank in the School Level

As we all know the SOF Science Olympiad Foundation is an organization which inculcates and promotes the scientific concepts in Maths, Science and English Olympiads, and to raises the conceptual and language skills in the children in India and abroad like NSO, IMO and UIEO etc., the following students have attained and achieved good ranks namely

II. SOF International English Olympiad (IEO)

  • Ayaansh Gupta – Grade 2 – Got 402nd Rank at the Zonal Level&1st Rank in the School Level
  • ShaikArham Ali – Grade 4 – Got 169thRank at the Zonal Level& Got 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Hooriyah – Grade 5 – Got 280thRank at the Zonal Level& Got 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Himesh Chandra – Grade 6 – Got 160thRank at the Zonal Level& 1st Rank in the School Level
  • Nimira – Grade 8 –Got 8th Rank at the Zonal Level & 1st Rank in the School Level

I feel proud and privileged to announce the name of Kumari. Nimira of class 8 for her commendable performance by securing 8th rank in SOF International English Olympiad, besides this she is also qualified at state level in Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan organised by CBSE for educating and popularizing science in the student community. I also acknowledge my appreciations for two of our students in 17th International level competition for Abacus and Arthematic.

  1. Vaibhav of grade 6 got 3rd rank
  2. Himesh sriram of Grade 2 got participation certificate.

BOMIS Warangal also holds the record of nominating our students for SPELLBEE contest and competitions which will be held at different levels. About 80 students participated from our school of which two students could make it to the distinction. Master Vignesh Chandra of grade 4 Master Himesh Chandra of grade 6 could make it to the distinction and were qualified for level 3 and 4.

The Academic year 2021- 22 for all the educational institutions, academic schedules remained very skeptical and ambiguous owing to the unprecedented outbreak of pandemic and we the school had to close which has made us to flip over to online education system and some other time offline/ physical classes.


As recommended by CBSE and as per the NEP guidelines the incorporation of Art integration into the syllabus by promoting visual arts and performing arts, Bomis strongly believes the philosophy and creates a platform to all the students to showcase their talents and to identify their innate potential. Bomis stands exemplary with a well-defined and designed activity calendar besides academic schedule. Most of the activities have been configured to improve the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills in the students. Every Saturday is observed as a Bag less day as it provides opportunities to our students to pursue their hobbies. To mention a few, noticeable activities and events held during this academic year 2021-22. As the school functioned through online,

BHASHA JHANKAR – READER’S DECK, an English language fest has been organized in the month of july. The event BhashaJankar, A 3 language fest followed by culmination day to improve and inculcate the interest in the students.

Children celebrated Dussehra festival with great enthusiasm.

IN NOVEMBER - Children had shown joy in celebrating the festival of lights Diwali followed by the childrens Day commemorating the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children’s participation in fancy dress and self-governing day events stood center of attraction.

DECEMBER - The month of December had proven to be the month of excitement and joy as it was Christmas and new year season where all our students enjoyed by nourishing the taste of home-made food by having and sharing in POT LUCK LUNCH. I thank of all our parents in extending their support in making the event successful.

MATH A RON -December 22nd was a day of great significance as we have designated this day as Math A Ron fest in our school to commemorate the birth anniversary of great Indian Mathematic genius Srinivasa Ramanujan where in an innovative show of exhibits have been displayed citing on new math logics.

ALPHA TO OMEGA – A SCIENCE FEST : 28TH FEB is a day celebrated at Bomis by holding a science mega fest to commemorate National Science Day to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by an Indian Physicist sir cv Raman, a noble laureate in physics. I acknowledge my compliments and special appreciations to all the students from grade 1 to 10 who have not only fabricated innovative working models but also with great zeal and show cased their exhibits with scientific fervor. To mention a notified among them were Robotics, Machine learning, Hydroponics plants and the concept of Swatch Bharath. The incorporation of Robotic technology in health management, Transport and Automobile industry stood centre of attraction to many viewers and received commendable applause and appreciation.


As you all know an overall development of a child cannot be without games and sports. As the saying goes “A Sound mind in a sound body”.

BOMIS, Warangal facilitates world class infrastructure for all the Indoor and outdoor games and sports. As this was most of the parents demand, the New Academic Year 2022-23 will certainly resume its operations in full fledged scale of which the school places professional trainers for Skating, Snookers, Volley Ball, Basket Ball etc. BOMIS also maintains standard and a well hygienic swimming pool for adults and children’s.


Born in a middle class family, a man of simple living and high thinking where Teaching is his flywheel. He is the cynosure of this organization. Yes im referring to the one and only Ln.Shri,N.Venkateshwar Rao, chairman of BOMIS and path finder group of schools and president of TRSMA, WARANGAL RURAL. A man on a mission with a vision proudly announces and unveils the launch of Birla open minds pre-school branch at Hanamkonda. The first and unique international pre-school with world class curriculum with a sound foundation for younger children embarking on the journey of creative learning. This branch cater to the students from Nur to 1st grade. It’s my privilege to mention that Birla pre-school officially announces the admissions open for the academic year 2022-23.

Presently the operations are on and the registrations for admissions are in progress.


As per the advices and the suggestions extended by most of our parents and their requisites and to cater to the needs and aspirations of students and parents of Birla open minds international school, wgl, I take this opportunity to profusely announce that the management of Bomis had taken a resolution of promoting IIT JEE MAINS-ADVANCE & NEET FONDATION education besides regular CBSE syllabus for all interested aspirants from grade 6 to 10 from the new academic year 2022-23.

The school has already initiated the decision of having an official Tie-up with Reputed IIT-NEET Educational Entity, A premier coaching institute for the JEE & NEET foundation education. We are going to adopt DLP Distance learning programme which not only caters to MPCB subjects but also in English and Social. The programme of DLP with an effective teaching and weekly test schedules which would set the students in pace with others. The critical result analysis would not only give exact scores but also enables the students to improve their performance levels by knowing their ranks in PAN India. Allen, an enduring foundation education in IIT JEE & NEET. A fleet of subject experts and Teaching faculty will be recruited from Bangalore and Hyderabad.


Birla open minds international school, wgl is surging ahead with greater zeal and vigour. We have clinched more titles, covered more milestones and we continue to add more feathers to our cap. In this context I would like to add with effect from 2023-24 academic year the management of Bomis, wgl has taken a resolution to start senior secondary classes in this campus with integrated IIT JEE/ NEET FOUNDATION education to facilitate the students of Day scholars and Boarders. The management has already come with separate hostel provision for senior secondary girls and the new Dining hall constructed which is to the left side of this stage to accommodate the larger strength. Further I would like to inform all our parents and audience that we have already got the affiliation and permission to start the senior secondary school.


In the new academic year 2022-23 the management of Bomis has taken a resolution of introducing to all its students aged from 5 and above to undergo Cambridge assessment exams and tests. It is the world’s most recognized exams. This programme will enable all our students to improve their English language skills and also make them to speak better English. The exams will be conducted in various levels as per the age prescribed by the Cambridge university.


Family, school and community are inter-twined and need to work in collaboration in supporting the child’s learning. To enable the students for better education outcomes.

It is essential that children be placed squarely at the center of the curriculum and nurturance of total development and learning is the goal. The curriculum should aim at enhancing physical, analytical and cognitive skills of our children and the same time prepare them for next level of learning, to ensure a smooth and easy transition.

In this context I feel honor and privilege to announce that BOMIS Warangal has been nominated as a resource centre by the CBSE Board as Skill Hub. The ministry of education and ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship has under taken the skill hub initiative under PMKVY(Pradhan MantriKaushal Vikas Yojana) 3.0 promoted by the central government. Under this initiative skill training centers will be setup in schools to utilize the school infrastructure post school hours for promoting this program, which has been mandated in NEP 2020.

BOMIS, WARANGAL has been selected for this innovative revolutionary and progressive concept. Further I would like to inform you all that, we in collaboration with skill hub initiative have been opted for two skill development courses.

  • CCE(Customer Care Executive) of Call Center
  • Travel Consultancy

This program is mainly focus, empower and up skill the youth aged 15 and above. The duration of the course will be of 5 to 10 months depending upon the number of hours of training with a reasonable course fees ranging from 6 to 10 thousands. This skill development course also involves and enables youth with the support of placement and employment assistance.

Lastly, We look ahead to equipping many more students with the skills that would offer them the advantage to exploit and readily grasp the opportunities that life has to offer. At BOMIS, I strongly believe that the holistic approach creates the platform and prepares the children as future ready citizens.

We look forward to a wonderful school year ahead !

Wishing every Bomaite a bright future !